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Wolfpack Hustle The LA Marathon Crash Race II


Start Point: TANG’s DONUT Sunset and Fountain 90027

End Point: Santa Monica Pier
Registration: SUNDAY MORNING 3Am
Start Time: 4AM
The Los Angeles Marathon is mapped out and closed off the night before giving riders the chance to race 26.1 miles of Los Angeles with no traffic.
Men’s and Women’s Geared and Fixed divisions.
Dog Tags to the winners of each division.
Play it Nice and Safe. Cheaters will be Disqualified.
Mad Prizes for
1st, 2nd, 3rd Geared
1st, 2nd, 3rd Fixed
1st Lady Geared
1st Lady Fixed


the most bad ass underground race on the west coast is coming back this year…

about 7-8 of my friends trekked over from the corona/riverside area for this race last year. parking was nuts. if you parked on the streets where the marathon was taking place, you were going to get towed. one of them tatted redheaded vegan girls paid off a tow truck driver $200 to not bring her car to the lot. ahhhaa. super sleezy move, but whatever. anyways, the race was pretty chaotic. i think it started 1 or 2 hours late (430 am?). kids were crashing into all the cones and signs during the neutral portion of the race being led by one of the organizers. i didn’t start with the front pack, and i thought that would be okay since were going at a neutral pace for awhile. after 5-10 minutes, i didn’t know that they were starting race pace yet, so i remember sucking wheel of a bunch of small groups until i caught one of the leading groups. none of them were my friends, so i didn’t give too much of a shit that i was using them and then moving onto the next pack up ahead. robert, however, did somehow find me, and led me out for a good 30 seconds before i started to pull. (thanks robert. i still owe you one.) although the organizers said the course (the same one as the LA marathon) would be closed off from cars (and hence, easy to navigate), it wasn’t completely¬†closed off. some cars got through, and the road workers did not barricade the streets with those cement/plastic blocks, yet. i heard stories of people getting hit by cars, and getting lost for days. i probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the race without the guidance of a bunch of the wolfpack guys. even some of them got lost, and we had to take a different route. towards the end, the streets narrowed, and a the lead pack bunched up wayyyyyyyyyyyy too close. i saw shoulders and elbows bumping, and eventually a shove from one rider trying to protect himself from the cyclist about to go down and taking others with him. all i could hear when he went down was a little screaming and some expensive carbon stuff scraping on the ground. mind you, this dude was probably 1 foot to my right. if i had been behind him, i probably would’ve gone down too. luckily, i swerved a little to my left where no one was. in the last 0.50 miles (optometrists use up to 2 decimal points), a very critical point where the finish line was, a couple dudes took the wrong turn including me, except i didn’t go as far as them. about 10 seconds later, i jump on arin’s wheel, and we are cruising in the middle of a bunch of fog (because the finish line was right next to the beach.) we see a bunch of flashing lights, and we’re both in awe because THAT WAS THE FUCKING FINISH LINE. WTFFFF?!??! o well, the race was fun as hell, and you only have so many opportunities to ride through LA uninhibited by traffic or red lights. this year my friends and i will be more prepared, and will give the riders in LA a run for their money (or, in this case, dog tags).¬†
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